A Post Covid-19 era taking shape in Zimbabwe

The Covid pandemic that has gripped the entire globe has taken us all by surprise. it is an invisible enemy that knows no borders, no nationality, no class and certainly no political affiliation. The last plague to grip humanity was the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. It was the deadliest in the history of the world killing an estimated 500 million people.

What is interesting is that the flu was first observed in Europe, the United States and parts of Asia before spreading to the rest of the world. On this occasion it was first observed in Wuhan, China and it has spread to the rest of the world.Thousands have died and continue to die in Asia, Europe and in the United States. Africa appears to be in the initial phase with infections growing day by day.

The Covid19 pandemic currently sweeping the world has placed a new responsibility never seen before on African leaders. The culture of seeking treatment abroad has been brought to an abrupt stop. African leaders are now being forced to look at their own health care facilities in their own individual countries, in their own local communities. Never before have africans seen their leaders fearful. Fearful of a disease that knows no class, no politics and is definitely no respecter of persons.

In Zimbabwe, the entire leadership, ageing leadership one might add is in panic mode. China and South Africa are not available to fly to for medical treatment. Borders and Airports are closed.Times have changed indeed! In the absence of proactive action towards rebuilding the healthcare sector, the Covid19 pandemic will almost certainly knock on their doors, just as much as it has done in Nigeria and other african countries where Covid19 infections are fast spiking.

Attempts at renovating hospitals around the country that had since been abandoned signals the seriousness of Covid19 pandemic and its implication on the entire nation. Scientists in South Africa have concluded that the infection spike in their country will most likely take place between August and September.

In Zimbabwe,the absence of sampling and modelling, means this information is not available. It is no secret that Zimbabwe and South Africa as countries, they define one another. The effects of Covid19 in Zimbabwe will mirror what happens in South africa. Borders between the two countries are not likely to open if Zimbabwe is found wanting in its testing  and treatment. A post Covid19 Zimbabwe will definitely be a different place.

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